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Reese Harris

Advisor/ Marketing

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Reese Harris

After producing a multi video camera webcast event for a $1.5B division of a multi national corporation, I was contracted to evaluate their print on demand situation, conceptualize the best alternatives, and develop/implement an integrated print on demand system, which I did. The project is on time and on budget for Phase I rollout at end of Q2. Anticipated savings per year of 38% for print budget nearly $1M.

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  • Kathy Sparrow
    The “behind-the-scenes secret weapon” for conscious communication, creating content that elevates visibility and invokes positive influence and impact through blogs, books, courses, and more.
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  • David Winkelman
    Desired change can be easier and faster through Visual Facilitation, which creates context for getting unstuck and moving to the next level.
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  • Greg Voisen
    I am the founder of several socially responsible organizations that directly help and serve people.
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  • Francesca San Diego
    Over twenty years of experience in finance and business management in a wide range of organizations, including three start-up ventures.
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